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User feedback system with positive/neutral/negative marks

On each user's public profile page we need to show a transparent rating system which will contain a short feedback opinion by another member and a positive, neutral or negative mark. Also, a total percentage should be shown:

For example, if a user has 5 of 5 positive feedback, percentage will be 100% positive (5/5).

If a user has 4 positive and 1 neutral marks, percentage will be still positive, but shown as 100% (4/5).

If a user has 4 positive and 1 negative feedback, percentage will be shown as 80% (4/5) etc.

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  • ted commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    i would much perfer a system that is based on the number of votes cast against a member

    say username (34)

    where 34 is the number of votes or feedbacks recived, much like the ebay system

    we could then have a feedback forum, again much like ebay where you can see feedback left against a member/ advert

  • Adi commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Feedback system without bid system is 0. A user must win a auction so that he may give a single feedback, based on exactly that listing. In a non auction system, what will prevent any user to go to another user and give a false feedback? We will end up with countless shiny sellers which do not deserve the feedback.

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